WEEKEND Experiences

Ayelen Liberona, Creative Director

Ayelen Liberona, Creative Director

Photo Credit: David Pickett

Photo Credit: David Pickett

CURATorial Statement
BY AYELEN LIBERONA, creative director

In a time of increasing inequality, food injustice and environmental devastation, telling stories of destruction is important, but only telling those stories is a grave mistake. Instead, I invite us to conjure our collective social imagination by converging consciousness raising artists and willing audiences to conspire with land, plants and animals so we may manifest livable futures.

Inspired by Glencolton Farms, Symphony in the Barn festival has become a thriving opportunity for music, art and culture to provoke imaginaries that attune us to the sentience of our world. Together we will co-create multi-species, multi-sensory experiences that generate new stories about lands, bodies and community as places of rousing transformation.


Asivak Koostachin: actor, artist
Cristina Marquez:  dancer + curator
Matthew Maaskant: sound + video artist
Slava Sapershteyn: playshop facilitator + storyteller
Jodi Koberinski, artist + town crier
Taylor Flook: political artist + community organizer
Vita Twirlin Diva, fire dancer

SoundTower Experience

A sensory installation and intimate musical performance journeying through the echoes of sound and time in an empty silo turned sound tower. Created and curated by Ayelen Liberona.


Singing the SoundTower

M'Wikwedong Native Cultural Group will lead group participants on a journey of acoustic wonder singing together inside the SoundTower.


Farm Walk

"A farm comes closest to its own essence when it can be conceived of as a kind of independent individuality, a self-contained entity. " —Rudolf Steiner on biodynamics, June 1924

Slow yourself to the sights, sounds and sensations of this remarkable biodynamic farm. Guests will be guided to experience the comings and goings of a living farm. Meet the farmers and feed the animals.

Chill womb

Enter a glowing Chill Womb tent where playshops, workshops and storytelling take place all weekend long. All ages welcome.



Explore this multi-species art space where you can conspire with plants and animals to make art for livable futures. A space to play and experiment with living materials all found right here on the land and on the farm. Paint, craft and co-create art and happenings with our radical artists-in-residence.


RAW Lounge

Musical worlds of new and old meet by the flames of improvisation. Featuring guest DJs, inspired soloists, provocative visuals, fire dancing, story telling and a bonfire under the stars.